Sequoia Systems Ltd.

Sequoia Systems Ltd was formed in 1988 by Roger Moffatt as a family business, to pursue a commercial interest in HVAC consultancy, environmental control systems, fluid flow and acoustics. Much of the design work was done with CAD (computer aided drafting/design) systems, and Sequoia Systems also offered contract CAD drawing services.

An interest in the link between CAD and CAM (computer aided manufacturing), resulted in the joint development with two other companies of an innovative, relatively low cost but very high performance CNC (computer numerically controlled) router-miller.

Sequoia not only marketed their machines, but also used their prototype machines to take on manufacturing work in varied fields, including aerospace components, film sets and special effects equipment, general engineering and also architectural and aircraft models.

Since 1996 a number of model aircraft kits have been produced using advanced designs which depend for their success on the ultra high accuracy of these machines, but they were produced mainly as a promotional tool for the machines themselves. Nevertheless, at least one manufacturer (Jotika Caldercraft - has used two of our machines to successfully manufacture very high quality model boat kits since the mid nineties.

However, the latest range of Sequoia Systems' model aircraft kits have been designed to introduce to the radio control model aircraft market a manufacturing concept quite unique to this field. The kits are construction kits, but are presented in a manner much closer to a model engineering experience than has hitherto been available.

Sequoia Systems continues to have a close interest in making equipment for film sets, where the combination of our design expertise and the machines' manufacturing abilities in a very wide range of materials enables us to arrive at solutions to either full-size or model set requirements often with a very short lead time. Since the mid nineties, films that have used our work include the Bond films (control panels, gadgets, set decoration), Thunderbirds (control panels), Harry Potter (all sorts of things), Lost in Space, Mary Reilly, The English Patient (half scale Boeing Stearman biplane), Event Horizon, Sunshine, The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, and many more. The Wolfman, due for screening early 2010, involved us making hundreds of lengths of thin brass ivy fronds which could withstand fire during repeated shooting sequences. These were machined from multiple layers of very thin brass which gave us a competitive edge over the recognized method for this material - acid etching.

Sequoia Systems have also had close links with full size maritime projects, including the mould frame for a single handed ocean crossing rowing boat, and 1/3rd scale 3D machining of keel and rudder components, both directly and for moulds, for tank testing of Americas Cup racing yacht hulls as part of their design proving process. Sequoia Systems Ltd will continue to look for innovative solutions for difficult applications as and when they occur.