CAD4U is a Windows development of the earlier RoboCAD program, which was first written by RoboCOM (a British company), to run on computers such as the Apple 2e Business computer in the early 1980s - before the advent of PCs. So the first RoboCAD program ran on 128K 5" floppy disks(!!), but still utilised a joystick (RoboCOM called it a BitStick) to manipulate the cursor. The Bitstick incorporated switches to select commands much as a mouse would do today, and was as revolutionary as the program that used it.

The coming of the PC, and DOS operating systems, meant it was necessary to re-write the program for the PC/DOS environment, and this was done in the mid 1980s. Roger Moffatt has been using this system since then, because at that time, (even more now!), it possessed an ideal blend of extraordinary useability combined with really useful and powerful features. The ability to be able to draw in virtually the same intuitive way as you would on a drawing board, unconstrained by the program operating structure, and yet leave behind all the frustrations of actually drawing on a drawing board, and to be able to make ready use of all the time saving features a computer program should give you, without the usual massive investment in training, means that impressive productivity can be achieved surprisingly quickly.

RoboCAD has been continually developed ever since, and in its current guise as CAD4U still offers the best blend of power and useability currently available. Features such as the unique visual library, which doubles as a powerful indexing system, have not been matched by any other program. Furthermore, the powerful but elegant RDF (RoboCAD Data Format) file system was intrinsic in the development of the Sequoia CADCAM CNC router/miller machine system. Sequoia Systems Ltd have been enthusiastic promoters - and dealers - of CAD4U for many years (over 20!).

The development of the Sequoia model aircraft structures as seen for example in the Greenfinch234, was as much dependant upon the powerful drawing and editing features of CAD4U, as was the Sequoia machine system that actually manufactures the parts.

Its not at all helpful to have a potentially extremely powerful system if the power can only be accessed by cumbersome routines. This is not a situation that CAD4U users would be familiar with, since they will find that what they want to do will be readily available no matter at what stage of the drawing process they are in.

CAD4U is a 2D design and drafting program that does not pretend to be anything else. If you require 3D visualisation and modelling facilities, you will need to look elsewhere. It also not a cheap program, but if you contact us we will be happy to discuss how the program may help you with your business. Click on the Trial Download button, and you will find that the program will ask you for a code to enter before it will run - contact us and we will supply it to you, and this will allow you 20 days to find out if the program offers what you require. During this time, feel free to contact us with ANY questions you might have about its operation, snce we are anxious of course that you can make the most out of the 20 days! You will find further information on the CAD4U website.