The following three sets of comments are from Greg Smith, an RAF Airframe Technician:
(He has also started a build thread in the 'Building Techniques' section of the RCMF Forum)

The Greenfinch arrived this morning as promised, thank you. First impressions? Well I have a feeling you'll know what I'm about to say but I'll say it anyway, WOW!! Everything about the kit is absolutely beautiful, and the attention to detail and care you obviously lavish into each one is amazing. I think I'll probably come across more and more of this as I begin building. I have been on some internet forums where people are complaining about the price of your product, they are wrong. In my experience you get what you pay for, and your Greenfinch is by far and away the best R/C model aircraft kit I have ever come across.
I applaud and admire what you've achieved here Roger, and I can't wait to get cracking!
I have one request if I may, and that is that I would like you to start development of the Greenfinch Two Sixty - You already have one customer ...

Construction is proceeding well and I am continuing to be amazed by the kit!! The fit of parts is beyond exquisite and I'm having a great time every time I get to the building board. In fact I can't think about much else when I'm away ...There are so many little touches of brilliance that show themselves at every stage, which is something you would never know about until you started building, I'm glad I took the plunge!

The Greenfinch experience is only partly in the build itself, it is also the knowledge that excellent support is only an e-mail away! It is a rather difficult thing to quantify but I imagine it is akin to buying a Rolls Royce when a Ford would have done. I believe other customers have said similar things but the Greenfinch is something I've been waiting for for a LONG time, I'm only 36 years old but have been aeromodelling for at least 25 of those and have scratch built, plans built, kit built and pretty much everything in between, and pretty much every time I've built from a kit there has always been something about it that required amending by the builder.
I think what I'm trying to say, is that a REAL aero-modeller will absolutely LOVE the Greenfinch, it is the antithesis of the large majority of other kits out there and gives the builder a feeling of "at last, someone's finally released a kit that I have absolute faith in!"
As far as advertising goes I think you can play more to her strengths. YES she is expensive but look at what you get:
-Exquisite engineering, EVERY part fits exactly
-No strip wood or plain sheet balsa included, it's not necessary, every part is cut for you!!
-Incredibly strong and crash proof, a legacy of the clever design.
-The airframe is light weight enough that various features can be included with no weight penalty overall, i.e. sprung gear, plug in tail feathers, piano type hinging, gapless ailerons. These features make her more like a small full size aircraft than a mere model!!
-Beautiful looks, especially those wings!!
-Attention to detail, for instance the inclusion of a syringe to clean the superphatic nozzle, not at all necessary, but a sign that the manufacturer REALLY cares that one has an enjoyable build.
It is that last point which has meant the most to me, and I think that as your 'what people say' page grows more and more, people will realise that this is beyond the norm. I guess you can tell by now that I am excited by what you are doing. To that end, I will start a build thread on one of the forums. I have noticed that there isn't one as of yet, and if people could get a look at a build as it progresses then they will surely break open the piggy banks!! You could include a link to the thread on your website if you like.
Another possibility that might be worth exploring is of course video. A short clip on you-tube for instance, embedded in your website showing how the parts go together would sell loads of kits!! I'm thinking in particular about the fin for instance, or the nose rings on the cowl, the way those shaped balsa parts slide into one another to form the part is VERY grin inducing.
Thanks again Greg Smith (RAF Wyton)

Dear Roger,
I have now received delivery of my Greenfinch 234 and I can tell you I am completely bowled over. This is without doubt the Rolls Royce of model aircraft construction kits even the box is of superior construction to most of my furniture. I showed the kit to my wife whose interest in model aircraft is somewhere round -10 and she said you will have to spring clean your hut before you can take that in there. On a serious note I would just like to thank you Roger for producing what is really a work of art, I am tempted to buy another and hide it away for 40 years , it will be better than money in the bank. David McCulloch (Carlyle)

This is just a quick follow up to our recent telephone conversation, to confirm my safe receipt of the Greenfinch 234 kit. To say I was merely impressed would be a major understatement - I was expecting something good, but was still unprepared for what I found when opening the box (which itself is beautifully designed and crafted). I can honestly say that I do not think the quality with which the myriad parts have been cut, the way in which the drawings and instructions have been presented or the quality of the raw materials themselves could be bettered.
I would also personally like to thank you for the exemplary and friendly service Sequoia Systems provided me - from explaining the philosophy and development of the product, exploring the most cost effective means of delivery to the Channel Islands, taking the trouble to source and provide ancillaries (adhesives) which are difficult to obtain locally and for the speedy dispatch - the whole process has been like a breath of fresh air.
I am sure that once the word of your product and service spreads and the reputation it deserves is gained, the kit will inevitably sell itself. In the meantime I would certainly not hesitate in recommending it to anyone seeking a beautifully engineered project which has clearly been subject to lengthy evolution and refinement, and, given the above comments, I consider it can only represent excellent value for money.
...And all this before I have even cleared a space on the workbench - the anticipation alone is almost worth the asking price! Kind Regards Peter Stagg (Guernsey)

Hi Roger,
I have to say that the kit has come up to and exceeded my expectations, it is just a work of genius and I am sure, a lot of hard work! The plans are so precise and detailed that it is worth browsing these just for fun. The machining of the balsa and ply sheets is of the highest standards, which then transfer to the most exquisite fit, which as you say requires no building over the plans because it is self jigging and immediately becomes very rigid even without gluing. I can only keep on giving you the highest praise for this kit, which would become boring, (No, I don't think so!! - Roger Moffatt) Keep up the good/excellent work. I am completely hooked on this design.
John Holloway - (Crewe)

Roger -
just thought I would keep you up to date on how I am progressing. The fuselage is virtually completed, the cowl and the hatches are works of art. The way that the cowl and the hatch form into that lovely shape is very satisfying. I am still amazingly impressed with the Greenfinch and have to say that it looks truly beautiful at the moment even without its day clothes on. John (Crewe)

The Greenfinch234 has been such a joy to build! The accuracy is astonishing. Matthew Bacon (Devon)

... the kit I've been looking for, for 40 years! Robin Kemp (Framlingham, Suffolk)

Another update on the Greenfinch build, I managed to get a couple of good sessions on it this weekend and have virtually finished the wings. I am running out of superlatives for your design of this plane, it is just a work of art!!!!!! The design of the ailerons is outstanding, coupled with the precise CNC cutting the assembly is awe inspiring and once the ailerons are installed into the wing, everything just fits sooooo precisely, even my wife comments on how good it looks and that is a huge complement after all of my other planes without any sort of recognition (it is a first). I just think myself lucky to be able to buy and build such a fantastically well designed and produced kit. John Holloway (Crewe)

I posted this on the section 'The Builder's Workshop'.
Hello world,
I want to pass along notice for a fairly recent kit, that will be of interest to builders and flyers both. Go have a look at the Greenfinch 234 from Sequoia Systems, in the U.K. To state that this is a builder's paradise would be a grand under-statement yet, once built, it is fully R/C ready for both electric and I/C propulsion systems. There are over 970 individual parts in this kit, which have been machined on Sequoia's proprietary milling system. All the parts interlock and the fit is perfect. The kit includes everything needed except for covering and R/C gear; they even supply a bottle of excellent glue. The kit is presented in a custom fitted box made of MDF, which has a quarter-view of the finished aircraft and 'Sequoia Greenfinch Two Thirty Four' milled in the top; a truely spectacular product in all respects. I just received mine, and have marvelled at the parts and materials that are in the box, and at the engineering that went into the production of the kit. The instructions are the benchmark for all other companies to measure up to, and none that I have seen yet are even close. Mr. Roger Moffatt of Sequoia Systems is very helpful, and has provided a product for the builder that has no equal. I plan on taking my time and savoring every second... Charles Castell aka Soarguy (West Lafayette, Indiana USA)