Goldfinch138 Introduction

This kit is intended first to be a construction kit - so, not a quick build then, though many of the time consuming activities typically associated with built up structures will not be encountered. The idea behind the Finch series of kits is to maximise pleasure and satisfaction from the building process, which uses some techniques not usually associated with model aircraft. Some traditional shaping work is still required, and the instructions will guide those who are new to this. But that's not all. We want to have a practical, but very realistic and attractive working model which can fly really well in most conditions and yet survive unfavourable weather or the odd pilot error. We've given much attention to realism, even though this is not a replica of any particular aircraft. You won't find plastic bolt on accessories, or visible servos. You will find realistic cockpits - with seats - and space for pilots with legs. The Goldfinch138 is a monoplane development of the Greenfinch234 biplane which has received enthusiastic plaudits from magazine editors and reviewers as well as Sequoia's customers for both its flying qualities and the building experience. (See 'What people say!' pdfs of 25 page review in Radio Control Model World ).

Our kits include all the parts required to build the model, except motor, covering and radio equipment, since these items are a personal choice. For those who may appreciate some help we can recommend suitable items for the above based on our own prototypes and can supply electric drive trains, (battery, esc, motor and props), and servos if you wish. Some adhesive (DeLuxe Materials 'Superphatic'), is supplied as we recommend this for most of the plywood joints, but other adhesive will also be required. The models are designed to accommodate and work well with a very wide range of power sources including i.c. of course, and they can be covered with any commercially available model covering material.

During a model's life it may have to withstand a few unscheduled interruptions to its flying progress. In order for the Finch life to be a long one, it has been designed in the first place to have great strength for it's weight, and also to include enough flexibility to absorb less-than-perfect landing situations. The sprung split wings are uniquely engineered by Sequoia Systems, (instead of conventional rubber bands, bolts, or tube), and are a major feature of the Finch series to reduce accidental damage. The plug-in stabiliser and removable rudder and elevators also make repairs to these items much easier, which we would expect to be as interesting as the original build - spare parts are available of course.

The Finch kits are designed using traditional lightweight materials, but using advanced design techniques made possible by SEQUOIA CNC technology. This was conceived in the early 1990s to be the best CNC design and manufacturing system applicable to model kit manufacture and serious industrial production. Since then the system has proved itself in a wide range of applications, (within and outside model manufacture), making possible designs not previously practicable, achieving high strength, light weight and consistent manufacturing quality.

GOLDFINCH138 has a lot of precision machined parts ~ over 600. Each and every part has a very specific purpose, either for strength, self-alignment, best grain direction, performance, maintenance, ease of handling, aesthetic considerations or for assisting covering.

In presenting this kit, Sequoia hope that you will so much enjoy the building experience that you won't care how long it takes to build - indeed you may not even want it to finish too quickly. Nevertheless for builders with less time to spare, the self-jigging structure and the very precise fit of all the parts enables building to be fitted into short time slots. Enjoy the precise construction, enjoy the carving and shaping - and just watching it grow...