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No Ordinary Kit!

Sequoia brings engineering to r/c model aircraft construction kits - and not a little art as well! Materials are innovatively used to get the best from their intrinsic properties, made possible by using our own British made Sequoia high precision CNC router-millers.

Designed and manufactured in Britain as arguably the finest construction kit ever brought to market, the Greenfinch234 is a 34" span 'could-be-scale' 1940's style aerobatic biplane for electric or i.c. power. The model follows many years of design and development, and expands on the experience of previous successful Finch kits. It offers an extremely special building experience, constantly rewarding the builder with a work of art that commands attention, a fine flying performance and intrinsic rugged durability.

Over 970 ultra high precision CNC machined components, (mostly highf quality birch ply but also balsa, epoxy glass and aluminium), build into a self-jigging modular structure with the aid of comprehensive, beautifully laid out drawings and instruction manuals illustrated with over 500 colour photographs.

The Greenfinch234 is aimed not only at the discerning flyer - handling sympathetically for conservative flying but responding well for experienced pilots - but also those who simply enjoy building and admiring a beautifully crafted and thoroughly engineered static model.

Special features include unique independently hinged and internally sprung u/c legs, plug-in but resiliently mounted wing panels, detailed cockpit including pilot's seat, scale hinged shrouded ailerons, all flying and control surfaces easily removable, a custom universal electric motor mount, and a convenient but precise CG balance system.

Each kit has a cockpit fitted serial number data plate and is supplied in a wood box complete with all parts and linkages, except covering, radio and power systems.

This superlative product is available direct from Sequoia Systems Ltd.