Sadly Roger passed away in January 2015 but Sequoia Systems continues to produce the unique Goldfinch and Greenfinch kits.

Roger Moffatt has pursued a career in engineering since graduating from UMIST (University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology) in 1967 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Design experience in a wide range of large scale engineering industries involving mechanical, electrical and control systems was followed by several years of contract management, and then consultancy in Environmental systems, before starting Sequoia Systems Ltd to pursue particular interests in control systems and acoustics.

Roger's design philosophy has always been to try to arrange the maximum synergy between the design or system components, extracting maximum performance for the minimum cost or minimum weight, or whatever is the primary product requirement. The seeds for this may well have been sown at the relatively early age of 6 years, on constructing his first flying model aeroplane from a balsa construction kit. Flying may not have been the most apt description of its performance, but they got better as the years passed.

At 14 years old, (1958) he contributed an article on the mechanics of constructing model electric racing car suspension and steering systems to a model engineering magazine, however that was to be the last contribution until much later in 1995. Then the subject of the articles was the high performance but relatively low cost CNC (computer numerically controlled) router/milling machine system which Sequoia Systems jointly developed with two other British companies. The articles appeared in model aircraft magazines; since in order to prove the performance of the machines they were initially tested by making parts for models, as well as full size aircraft, thus finding a way to indulge a long standing hobby.